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2023 High School Summer School Information Now Available

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Summer School information is now available and registration is open on our ISD Summer School website. Options for high school students include seven different types of ISD Summer School programs, so it’s important you are looking at the right program for your needs. The website has a chart that lists all seven programs; the information for each program is linked in the program column. The chart also lists important dates for each program.

Please take some time to explore the information for the correct program and talk with your school counselor if you need or want to participate in any of these seven summer school programs.

Some important things to note are:

  • Online learning is not available for credit recovery unless a course is not offered in person and the online learning registration deadline is the soonest (June 5, 2023).
  • Students cannot take a full, yearlong course during the summer for advancement (ex: you can’t take a full year of Geometry online this summer).
  • Credit Recovery and Grade Improvement are in-person classes all held at Issaquah High School for all students in the district.
  • Registration deadlines and program dates are different for each program, so really make sure you see the dates that correlate with the program you are interested in.
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