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Bond Advisory Committee Begins Meeting 

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The district’s Bond Advisory Committee had its first meeting on Jan. 30, beginning a three-month process to learn about district facilities. Committee members are being asked to evaluate facility needs and cost data through active engagement to provide an informed proposal to the superintendent, who will then craft a recommendation to the School Board for consideration. 

Superintendent Tow-Yick said that for those committee members who have participated in past bond and levy committees, this one will feel different. “We really have an open mind and deep curiosity,” Tow-Yick said, noting that committee members are invited to absorb the information presented, discuss and ask for more information as needed. “I’m excited about this process.” 

District staff shared foundational information about bonds and levies, a brief overview of the history of bonds and construction in the Issaquah School District, and highlighted the group agreements, agendas and objectives for the process. Each committee member was also asked to share in small groups and as a large group about their affiliations within the district (where they attended school, have or had a student who attends school, worked, volunteered and other connections); as well as how long they have been a part of our community, how familiar they are with school sites and facilities, and prior committee experience. 

Committee members also shared about their “why” for volunteering on the committee, which included many individual reasons, with some areas of overlap. The committee includes 63 students, parents/guardians, staff and community members. Most of the reasons they offered revolved around our students.  

Examples include: “my kids,” representing neurodiverse students, promoting student voice, sustainable building design, giving back, learning more about the district, helping the district improve, because “education is a key to opportunity,” “all the students – past, present and future – who have been impacted by these programs.”  

In future meetings, the committee members will learn about the Strategic Plan and district initiatives, hear from a student panel, learn more about the state of our schools and facilities, and begin to explore possibilities and scenarios for funding upgrades to systems, safety and security, secondary innovation and other needs. 

The committee’s next meeting is at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 13 at the district administration building. All the committee meetings are open to the public to observe in person. To learn more about the committee’s process or to review agendas, meeting materials and upcoming dates, visit our website.  

Below, members of the Bond Advisory Committee talk during the first meeting on Jan. 30.

Bond Advisory Committee Discussion


Members of the Bond Advisory Committee talk during the committee's first meeting.


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