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Budget Update: Week of March 13, 2023

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Last week, the School Board received a significant budget update from Superintendent Heather Tow-Yick and Chief of Finance and Operations Martin Turney. The district's projected ending fund balance will be slightly higher than prior predictions, based on enrollment projections and a number of other factors.

While a budget reduction is still necessary, it will be smaller than previous projections and discussions indicated. The recommended reduction is about $9.8 million, with 81% of those reductions at the central Administration Building and Operations, Turney said. A Reduction in Force (RIF) of certificated staff members is not part of the proposed reductions.

The board will discuss the budget again at its next meeting on March 23. For additional details about the March 9 discussion, check out today's School Board Recap or view the whole presentation and discussion on our YouTube Channel.

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