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Middle and High School Fall Report Cards Reflect Enhanced Grading Practices

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  • Beaver Lake Middle School
  • Cougar Mountain Middle School
  • Gibson Ek High School
  • Issaquah High School
  • Issaquah Middle School
  • Liberty High School
  • Maywood Middle School
  • Pacific Cascade Middle School
  • Pine Lake Middle School
  • Skyline High School

The Issaquah School District is making strides to align grading practices to the latest research in an effort to ensure that grades reflect academic learning. This year's middle and high school report cards will reflect this work. 

These grading practice revisions are required in Executive Limitation 12 (EL-12), which is based on the belief that every student should have access to all academic and social-emotional learning supports that they need in order to achieve their full potential. Furthermore, EL-12 also states that grading practices should be equitable, and homework should contribute to student learning.  

Our staff will examine grading practices based on: 

  • Content that we teach in our courses. 
  • Tests that students take.
  • Supports students need to succeed.  
  • District priorities.  

Teachers and staff will continue to collaborate to align their grading practices for each course, including the use of the same categories for grading, ensuring that the categories represent the same percentage of the final grade, and creating a consistent recovery plan for late work and tests that are below standard.