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Fifth Grade FLASH Curriculum Committee Update

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The second meeting of the FLASH Curriculum Committee was held on March 14, 2023. The agenda included the following:​ 

  • Review of teacher survey results.​
  • Discussion of proposed curriculum updates​.
  • Consensus decision-making.​

The committee recommends the following curriculum changes: ​ 

  • Adoption of all new fifth grade FLASH lesson updates, as written by Public Health Seattle & King County with the following exception:
    • Updates called for a change in practice regarding answering student questions. The adoption committee recommends maintaining current practice of only answering student questions on content covered in fifth grade lessons, for which teachers have been trained. 

Next Steps:​ 

  • Recommendations are forwarded to the Executive Director of Teaching & Learning​.
  • Instructional Materials Committee reviews recommendations and if affirmed, forwards the recommendations to the School Board (estimated for April – May)​.
  • Public review and comment (estimate for May-June)​.
  • School board review for approval (estimated for June or August)​.
  • If approved, training and implementation will take place during the 2023-24 school year.

The updated curriculum is available for public viewing on the King County website

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