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Introducing Our Horizons Newsletter

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In case you missed it, the Issaquah School District’s first-ever Horizons newsletter hit email inboxes on Wednesday, June 15! The newsletter shares ISD stories of excellence, achievement and engagement with our community. We’re excited to send you stories and photos featuring what our students are learning, how our teachers and staff members are using innovative techniques (and time-honored methods), and other details about the ways that our programs and services offer an enriched education for the whole child, and access to opportunities for all students throughout the district. We’ll publish this newsletter throughout the school year, so expect your next issue in the fall!  

While you’ll still get all the need-to-know and action items necessary each week from the district and your student’s school in our weekly bulletins, “Horizons” will offer a more in-depth look at celebratory news stories as well as current issues the district is facing. If you have an idea for an article, reach out to our Communications Team at   

To catch up on the stories from the June 15 issue of "Horizons," visit our news page.

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