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ISD to Offer Learning Ally to Qualified Students

Educational Technology

ISD is excited to offer, in partnership with the Issaquah Schools Foundation, access to Learning Ally to all qualified students in ALL our elementary, middle, and high schools.

Learning Ally is a nonprofit organization that offers access to a large selection of audiobooks, with highlighted text, to students who are having difficulty keeping up with reading at a level comparable to other students in their class. Human-read audio-books, coupled with highlighted text is a proven supplemental resource that helps aspiring readers reach their potential and access required classroom novels and reading for pleasure.

Five schools have been piloting Learning Ally this year.  Based on the results of this pilot program, ISD has expanded access to all eligible students.  Any student who is having difficulty reading may qualify for Learning Ally Audiobook Solutions.

Who is Pre-Enrolled?

Eligible elementary and middle school students were pre-enrolled based on their iReady Reading Score. Any student scoring below or approaching grade-level on iReady reading during the Winter assessment, was pre-enrolled in Learning Ally.  iReady Reading Scores can be found in Family Access. More information about accessing iReady Reading Scores can be found here.

High school students who took the SBA ELA test in the fall and did not meet standard on the ELA portion of the test have also been pre-enrolled in Learning Ally. SBA test scores can be found in Family Access through the Profile link. More information about accessing SBA scores can be found here.

In addition, all students with Specially Designed Instruction (SDI) for Reading were pre-enrolled.

Who do I contact if my child is not pre-enrolled and I believe my child may qualify for this program?

If you feel your child has difficulty keeping up at a reading level comparable to other students in their class and would benefit from audiobooks provided by Learning Ally, you may request that your child's eligibility be reviewed.

    • Families with a child in elementary school should contact their classroom teacher.
    • Families with a child in middle or high school should contact their child's English Language Arts teacher.

The teacher responsible for language arts instruction is knowledgeable about the student's reading skills and will make the determination for eligibility.

How do students Access Learning Ally?

Eligible students will access Learning Ally through Clever (grades K-5) and Classlink (grades 6-12). ALL students will have the Learning Ally icon on their Clever/Classlink dashboards, however, only eligible students will be able to use the icon to login to Learning Ally.

More information about Learning Ally along with videos on how to access the tool can be found on the district website.