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New School Weekly Bulletin Format

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We are excited to announce that your school's Weekly Bulletin now reflects the same format as the ISD Weekly Bulletin! This new approach to our weekly community message provides greater accessibility to need-to-know information known as Announcements. Please read on for an overview of how this system works in conjunction with our new website. 


Announcements include upcoming, need-to-know pieces of information, links to important webpages or forms, etc. You will see that announcements are categorized using clear icons and labels to help you quickly identify important and relevant information. Each announcement shows a headline and a short introductory sentence. Further information can be found by clicking on the title or the “READ MORE +” link. It is also possible to see an overview of the latest announcements by visiting the Announcements webpage on your school's new website. 

Announcements Archive

On the Announcements webpage for each school we have created a searchable archive so that you can easily find previous announcements without having to search old emails in your inbox or remember the date it was sent. For example, you can select "Course Request Process," "Counseling" or "Testing" to pull up any recent announcements about those specific topics for your school. Please make use of this tool! This page can be reached via the link at the bottom of your school's weekly bulletin or via your school's homepage under the Our School tab. 

We look forward to you exploring this new tool! 

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