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Update on Teachers Union and District Contract Negotiations

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Our teachers union, the Issaquah Education Association (IEA), and Issaquah School District (ISD) teams have been collaborating and working hard since February. Both the IEA and ISD Bargaining Teams sincerely appreciate all of the work and time that so many of you have put into supporting these negotiations. We continue to work toward meaningful contract language that supports our students and values the work of educators. 

So far we have seven Tentative Agreements, including new ISD-IEA partnership committees to expand and encourage collaboration in our education system, and reflecting updates to employee benefits and other critical classroom supports. Our bargaining leads are Josh Moore, Tori Sylvers and Donna Hood.

We have had very productive conversations around topics related to the work of our specialists, the 1-to-1 laptop rollout funded by the voter-approved Capital Levy (which included funding for technology) and other work engaged by our professional educators and essential to student learning.  

We have plans to meet again Aug. 1-3, and will update you regarding our continued progress. 

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