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Water Safety: Tips for Staying Safe in the Water

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We appreciate our partners at Eastside Fire & Rescue, who shared these reminders to help keep our community members safe while the weather is hot but the water in our lakes and rivers is still very cold. Here are the tips from EF&R:

  • Wear a life vest during water activities. Cold water can impair muscle functioning and reaction time, even for experienced swimmers.
  • Keep a close eye on children and other vulnerable individuals around the water.
  • Alcohol increases the safety risk of water activities by impairing judgement and slowing reaction time. Avoid water activities if you are under the influence.
  • Fast-flowing water is always a safety risk. Swift currents can easily overpower you or a watercraft and can quickly carry you under or far away.

Information about Washington State Park's Life Jacket Loaner Program is available online.

King County also has water safety tips and resources on its website.

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