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Apollo Elementary Expansion 1207


The Apollo Elementary School and Issaquah Valley Elementary School Expansion Projects included the following work at each building: Addition of 8 new classrooms, three activity areas, toilet rooms, and expansion of the multi-purpose room. Corridor carpet was replaced with rubber flooring at each school. To enhance safety and security, exterior walkways were enclosed, offices and entrance vestibules were remodeled, and electronic keycard locking systems were installed. Permanent capacity was increased by 120 students at each building.

Additional site work at Apollo included paving and striping the old grass and gravel parking area, and adding the new sand playfield with underdrains, new sand box and new hard surface play area.






Apollo Elementary School Addition & Modernization 1207

Original Project Estimate: (2012) $7,270,000
Ongoing Project Budget: $7,116,881
Final Project Cost: $7,116,881
Funding Source: 2012 Bond
Project Status: Complete
Architect: Cornerstone Architectural Group
Contractor: Babbit Neuman Construction Company
Estimated Completion: September 2014
Final Completion: September 2014


Address:                                                  15025 SE 117th Street, Renton
Website: Apollo Elementary