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Cedar Trails Elementary School

Cedar Trails Elementary School, formerly known as E-16, is ISD's newest elementary school.  The 78,000 square foot facility has 26 classrooms, can house approximately 650 students and was completed in August 2021.

Project Information

Original Project Estimate: (2016)                             $36,500,000                                                                  
Current Project Budget: $53,250,000
Estimated Final Project Cost: $53,209,514
Funding Source: 2016 Bond
Project Status: Complete
Architect: Cornerstone Architectural Group
Contractor: Cornerstone General Contractors
Estimated Completion: September 2021
Final Completion: September 2021


Cedar Trails Elementary School

Address:                                                                     4399 Issaquah-Pine Lake Road, Issaquah, WA 98029
Website:     Cedar Trails Elementary School