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Holly Street Creek Bank Repairs 2203

In Spring 2020 the rising waters of Issaquah Creek eroded a portion of the creek bank and undermining of the parking lot at the Holly Street Campus site.

The Capital Projects Team started the very complex design and permitting for repair work within a salmon/fish bearing stream and approximately 1/2 mile downstream of a fish hatchery.

Due to permitting complexities the permitting process was split up into 2 parts; temporary and permanent.  The temporary work was completed Spring 2021 and the permanent work was completed October 2022.

ISD is working with FEMA for reimbursement of costs related to the creek bank erosion repairs.


Holly Street Creek Bank Repairs 2203

Original Project Estimate:                                           $1,500,000                                            
Estimated Final Project Cost:  $1,800,000
Funding Source: 2022 Levy
Project Status: In process
Architect: Cornerstone Architectural Group
Contractor:                                      Mike McClung Construction                      
Estimated Completion: Fall 2022
Final Completion: Fall 2024


Address:                                                                   565 NW Holly Street, Issaquah
Website:  N/A