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Pine Lake Middle School Rebuild

View of front entrance of Pine Lake Middle School with field in back

Originally built in 1974, construction on the new Pine Lake Middle School was complete in September 2018, providing a new learning environment with updated technology and energy efficient operations.


The District is using an alternative contracting method for the complex project of relocating and rebuilding Pine Lake Middle School - the General Contractor Construction Management (GC/CM) method. Different from a traditional bidding process, a general contracting firm is brought into the process very early on in the design phase of the multi-phase project. The district would benefit far earlier from the contractor's expertise in design, materials, and efficiencies which can translate into shortening the construction schedule and cost savings. Other benefits of the GC/CM approach include fewer potential construction conflicts and delays when one GC/CM firm manages and can more smoothly synchronize all phases of a project. Subcontract work is still competitively bid to assure costs are competitive and work is available to a large pool of subcontractors. In addition, the Mechanical and Electrical subcontractors became part of the team early in the process through the GC/CM and EC/CM process. GC/CM is a rigorous, competitive, and transparent process and well accepted in Washington State for school construction projects. The state Capital Projects Advisory Review Board has reviewed and approved the district's GC/CM proposal. 


Project Information

Original Project Estimate: (2022) $71,000,000                                               
Current Project Budget: $73,500,000
Estimated Final Project Cost $73,412,108
Funding Source: 2016 Bond
Project Status: Complete
Architect: Mahlum Architects
Contractor: Cornerstone General Contractors
Estimated Completion: September 2018
Final Completion: September 2018


Pine Lake Middle School Rebuild

Address:                                                   3095 Issaquah-Pine Lake Road, Sammamish, WA 98075
Website: Pine Lake Middle School