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Echo Glen Executive Summary

What is Institutional Education?

  • All students under the age of 21 receive education while incarcerated.
  • This can be done by a school district, an ESD, or other educational agency.
  • The ISD has one such school in its boundaries called Echo Glen.

Who Does Echo Glen Serve?

  • Students from all over the State of Washington.
  • There is no minimum adjudication age in Washington.
  • About half of our students experiencing incarceration qualify to receive special education services.
  • Students often come to Echo Glen with an interrupted education history or have made multiple stops in places such as a detention facility first.
  • Students have varying educational development in one or more areas, despite chronological age.
  • Our students often have a higher than average rate of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), which can affect their learning.
  • The students' average length of stay is about 100 days.

Current Funding Status

  • Institutional Education funding has remained unchanged since the 1995 and 1997 biennium legislative budgets.
  • Is separate from the rest of K-12 funding.
  • Is limited and lacks categorical funding for things like Special Education and English Language Learning (ELL) services.
  • Is based on a one time student headcount for the entire school year. Funding is NOT added if the number of students increases during the school year.
  • Does not address the need for much smaller student to teacher ratios in this setting.
  • Needs updating to meet our current education and legal requirements. 
  • Needs updating to meet the needs of today's incarcerated youth.

Goals for Students

  • Address credit deficiencies through rigorous and relevant learning which will allow students to return to high school having made significant progress.
  • Provide specially designed instruction and ELL services to those that qualify.
  • Provide job skills, dual credit courses, and certifications that will assist students in gaining employment and admission to two-year and four-year institutions.
  • Provide access to the GED and thereby to Pell Grants.
  • Provide supportive communication and record keeping between and among the agencies that serve these students.
  • Provide resources to students leaving the juvenile system for a successful re-entry to their community.


Principal Echo Glen School
Allison Ilgenfritz

Executive Director of High Schools
Andrea Zier