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High School Matters

College Admissions

Frank Bruni on his book Where You Go Is Not Who’ll You’ll Be:

A “FIT” OVER RANKINGS: Why College Engagement Matters More Than Selectivity (Challenge Success - October 2018)

Test Scores

Not all colleges and universities require standard test scores. A growing number have test optional admissions practices. Check out Fair Test to learn more.

What is success?

Success is about who you are, knowing yourself, building strong relationships and contributing to the world around you in a way that is meaningful to you. Success is also letting kids make mistakes. Success is about developing internal motivation. Meet Madeline Levine author of The Price of Privilege in these four short videos. 

Success is learning about the imposter syndrome and letting that knowledge set you free. We can all learn to appreciate the fruits of our own labors and feel pride in ourselves. We can connect with each other when we discuss the imposter syndrome, the challenges in our work and how we are tackling them.

How do I support a High School Student Who is Feeling Anxious?

Check out the short videos on a range of ways anxiety might appear in a teen’s life and how you might respond (YouTube). Meet Kevin Ashworth of the NW Anxiety Institute. He too has visited us in the ISD.

Meet researcher, Dr. Suniya Luthar, as she explores how and why the children of upper middle class families might face depression, anxiety, substance use, rule breaking and what families can do to support them and provide protective factors. 

Enjoy a brief interview with her here: Speaking of Psychology: The mental price of affluence (American Psychological Association)

Or enjoy a longer podcast here: Ep 6: “I can, therefore I must” - the risks of high achieving stressors and the powerful protection of close relationships - Raising Good Humans Podcast (Apple Podcasts)

Or read Dr. Luthar’s original study here: “I can, therefore I must”: Fragility in the upper-middle classes (National Center for Biotechnology Information)