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We believe that each student has the potential to achieve, and it is our responsibility to provide all students the opportunity and support needed to meet their highest capability in a safe and welcoming environment. We acknowledge that systemic  and institutional inequities and bias exist, creating barriers for student achievement and well-being. We are committed to raising the achievement of all learners regardless of race, status, varied ability, mental health, English language fluency, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, trauma impact, and geography. Our culture should promote the identification and removal of barriers causing predictability and disproportionality of the highest and lowest achieving groups (EL-16)

Equity and Cultural Competency

The Issaquah School District believes in building and sustaining a culture of kindness. Doing everything we can to support ALL students to thrive is at the core of our mission. In order to thrive, students need to be treated with respect and kindness by adults and other students. They need to have a positive sense of belonging and the belief that they have the power to be successful. Our responsibility is to educate students as informed citizens, to teach them to respect other perspectives, and to show kindness to others.

As our community evolves and demographics change, we are charged with reshaping our practices to best meet the needs of our students and families we serve. As we work toward accomplishing our mission, we pledge as a school district to question, grow, and evolve in our understanding of diversity and what it means to be culturally competent. 

Equity is about treating all children as the individuals that they are, not treating all children the same. That’s why we are deeply committed to ensuring that all students receive what they personally need to develop to their full potential and succeed, and to narrowing the achievement/opportunity gap between our highest and lowest performing students.

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Alaina Sivadasan

Executive Director of Equity, Belonging and Family Partnership


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Our Mission and Work

Dedicated to identifying and removing bias and systemic and institutional barriers that create marginalization and disproportionality in student achievement and their well-being.

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VOICE (Volunteers of Issaquah Changing Education) is an in-school mentoring program that pairs adult or high school volunteers with K-12 students for supportive relationships.

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Meet the Team

Dedicated staff from diverse backgrounds. Issaquah schools have Building Equity Leaders, school counselors, and Family Liaisons to help guide our work.

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Cultural and Family Partnerships

The Family Partnership Team exists to support students’ success by supporting families that are culturally and linguistically diverse.

counselors receiving professional development at Issaquah high school

Staff Professional Development

Professional development and resources to develop staff with knowledge, awareness, skills and advocacy for racial literacy, cultural competency, and allyship.

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Religion and Culture

Our calendar provides insight into the diversity of our school community. We have highlighted the many religious and cultural observances celebrated within our community.

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Counseling and Student Well-Being

Issaquah schools provide comprehensive guidance and school counseling services in each building.

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Community Resources

Visit our Community Resources page for helpful information for our culturally diverse families and community members.

Language Access Rights

Know Your Rights

Parent and Guardian Rights in Terms of Language Access.

Parents and guardians have the right to receive important information from schools in a language they can understand. Issaquah School District must provide interpretation and/or translation services, when needed, to communicate with parents who have limited English (including parents with limited speaking, listening, reading or writing fluency in English).

More information about Language Access Rights can be found at the following links:


These Are Your Rights

Under state and federal civil rights laws, you have the right to access information in your language. Please know that the school may not retaliate against you or your child for sharing concerns or filing a complaint.