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COVID-19 services provided

During the school closure, the Equity department was working hard to provide support and services to our community.  Please see some highlights of our work during this time.

  • Laptops and hot spots
  • Translating ALL documents coming out from the district during COVID-19 in real time
  • Creating translated videos explaining the online platforms in real time due to COVID-19
  • Calling all families that speak Spanish and Mandarin to explain food distribution, laptops, hotspots, and childcare
  • Supporting buildings with tier 2 work during COVID-19
  • Creating community message in response to the racism and injustice we were witnessing
  • Supporting buildings with communication and re-teaching during racist incidents
  • Coordinated training for Family Partnership Liaisons on the different technology platforms so they could help support families
  • Set up Alboum translators to support families during Zoom meetings
  • Provided trainings on how to use Language Line
  • Provided training to admin and teachers on how to talk about race
  • Provided message to teachers around how to respond to racism, injustice and protests
  • Created resources for white families and black families on how to tackle topics such as: race, privilege, police brutality, protests, racial trauma, self-care
  • Held an Equity Teacher leader meeting to respond to the racism and injustice in current events
  • Held a support group meeting for our black teachers in response to the racism and injustice
  • Held a support group meeting for our non-black teachers in response to the racism and injustice
  • Provided training on how to use Google Voice
  • Updated Family Partnership Facebook page with all district COVID-19 information
  • Collaborated with Cultural Bridges to get all COVID-19 information out to our ELL community
  • Coordinated with neighborhoods to be a liaison between them and the district for food services and laptops/hotspots
  • Provided information for ISD Cares document
  • Created Survey to go out to ELL families
  • Created ethnicity and race data for food services
  • Translated information for the community messaging around Canvas