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Equity Advisory Committee

The Equity Advisory Committe began meeting in December, 2022. Meetings are continuing throughout the 2023-24 school year.

Purpose: The District and Issaquah Education Association (IEA) are committed to equity work and share an interest in making the Issaquah School District a more equitable place to work and learn in alignment with equity goals as set by the ISD and IEA leadership.

Committee Makeup: The committee will be equal parts management and bargaining unit members chosen by the District and IEA leadership. Members of the Equity Advisory Committee will not exceed a maximum of 20.  

Equity Advisory Committee focus areas

  • Reflecting and honoring the voices and lived experiences of our students and staff from historically marginalized groups. 
  • Using district approved mechanisms to collect stakeholder feedback. 
  • Developing a feedback loop to monitor progress, to inform future work, and to communicate with all stakeholders. 
  • Informing district work on the hiring and retention of staff of color. 
  • Communicating regularly their work to the appropriate district departments. 
  • Acting as a resource to support equity work in each building and striving for consistency between buildings. 
  • Analyzing the current process for students and staff to report racial, homophobic, or other derogatory slurs, harm, and threats and make recommendations for expanding existing processes with a focus on proactive and restorative practices. 
  • Making a path for educators to bring forth concerns with current curriculum in-between adoptions. 
  • Developing resources that are proactive as well as restorative for use across the district. 
  • Discussing other interests regarding equity.