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Mission and Work

We are dedicated to identifying and removing bias and systemic and institutional barriers that create marginalizing and disproportionality in student achievement and their well being. Learn about our mission.

We are committed to creating equitable outcomes where all students thrive.  We work to create welcoming and inclusive learning environments, where students, staff, and parents know that they matter and that they belong.


We believe that each student has the potential to achieve, and it is our responsibility to provide all students the opportunity and support needed to meet their highest capability in a safe and welcoming environment. We acknowledge that systemic and institutional inequities and bias exist, creating barriers for student achievement and well-being. We are committed to raising the achievement of all learners regardless of race, status, varied ability, mental health, English language fluency, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, trauma impact, and geography. Our culture should promote the identification and removal of barriers causing predictability and disproportionality of the highest and lowest achieving groups. ( EL-16 EQUITY)

Important work 

Please see some highlights of our important work up to and throughout the  2023-24 school year that has happened in the District regarding Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion.

  • Executive Limitation EL-16, Equity, ISD Board approved June 2018
  • Created Equity Building Lead positions in every school building
  • Family Partnership Liaisons support our school buildings and our culturally and linguistically diverse families with help understanding our school systems 
  • Collaborated with Teaching and Learning Services on providing a collection of Diverse Books for all K-5 Elementary buildings
  • Cultural and Family Partnership Events held every year for our culturally and linguistically diverse families new to the US School System
  • Listening sessions and parent panels held for feedback from families on school district concerns
  • Family Partnership Advisory Group meets three times a year seeking out voices representative of our diverse community and student population
  • Interpreter and translation services provided throughout the district to promote relevant engagement opportunities with our diverse population, supporting district events and information nights
  • Land Acknowledgement resources and professional development offered
  • Ongoing staff professional development - Culturally Responsive Teaching, Cultural Competency, Courageous Conversations, working with interpreters and translation of documents, etc. 
  • Culturally Responsive Education Residency Programs for selected secondary certificated staff
  • Relevant Engagement, LLC was hired to work with a group of our middle and high school students to help them discover, celebrate and honor their cultural heritage, becoming a positive role model in the students' lives 
  • Equity Framework for Supplemental Curriculum or Non-Adopted Materials created as a guide for educators to provide a learning environment that is safe, welcoming and representative of our students
  • Ongoing support for Human Resouces at hiring events and professional development for newly hired staff
  • Assisted culturally and linguistically diverse families with language, technology and transportation barriers for the Vaccine Clinic for 5-11 year olds held at our Admin Building. Click for COVID-19 services provided 
  • Equity and Cultural Humility Framework for School/Class Parties created
  • Counseling and Student Well-Being joins the newly named Equity, Belonging and Family Partnership department
  • Courageous Conversation, LLC professional development series for Cabinet and All Administrator staff
Screenshot of Equity poster - Mission Statement
Equity poster - graphic representation of mission and values