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Staff Professional Development

In order to develop knowledge, awareness, skills and advocacy for racial literacy, cultural competency, and allyship, we provide staff professional development and resources. 

Our work continues with our commitment to developing cultural competency, diversity, equity and inclusion. Dr. Adeyemi Stembridge in partnership with the Center for Strengthening the Teaching Profession (CSTP) offers Culturally Responsive Education Teacher Residencies. Selected secondary teachers participated in this program during the 2022-23 school year.  This three day intensive program offers in-person learning, coaching and technical assistance around the mental model that serves as the foundation for a culturally responsive classroom. *To start the 2023-24 school year off, Dr. Stembridge led a district-wide certified staff "Not a Keynote" session on culturally responsive education providing an interactive guide to using a culturally responsive approach to engaging students in their learning goals. Two additional Residency Programs also took place during the 2023-24 school year.

Courageous Conversation, LLC began working with our Cabinet, Building, and District leaders in June and August of 2023, introducing the framework for systemic racial equity transformation. Work continues with district and building administrators throughout the 2023-24 school year. Administrators will examine policies, practices, programs structures, climate and culture to identify barriers to excellence. District and building administrators will also engage with protocols for how to discuss race in ways that are productive, insightful, and generative.

*As part of the Issaquah School District’s commitment to ongoing equity work, staff from our Equity Department provide professional development to our staff and administrators around culturally competent practices.Virtual workshops were led by Rosetta Lee, a faculty member at Seattle Girls’ School who teaches subjects such as science, math, technology, art, ethics and more. As a professional outreach specialist, Lee designs and delivers trainings for all parts of school communities, as well as for local and national educational and nonprofit sectors. 

For our Elementary staff, Rosetta Lee focused on Culturally Responsive Teaching and creating classroom environments where are students thrive because they feel a sense of belonging and that they matter. Rosetta Lee focused on our MTSS work in the area of Cultural Competency for our Secondary staff. Rosetta Lee also talked with our district Administrators on Cultural Competency and what leaders need to know as well as an in-person presentation about Cross Cultural Communication.

“Cultural competency is one of the pillars of our Multi-Tiered Systems of intervention work, and it was wonderful for our staff to be able to build their knowledge, awareness and skills in this area,” said Alaina Sivadasan, Executive Director of Equity for ISD. “The demographics of our students and families is culturally diverse, and, as a district we are committed to creating a sense of belonging and worth for all of our families. One avenue that helps us do this is through developing cultural competence.”  

Information about the types of trainings available and resources Lee offers is available here. Or, for additional information about equity work in the ISD, visit our website

*Thank you to the Issaquah Schools Foundation for partnering with the Equity, Belonging and Family Partnership department to provide professional development to our staff and administrators. 
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