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Bonds and Levies

In the Issaquah School District, we are very grateful to voters for their ongoing support of school operation levies and bonds. The children of our community benefit every day from the resources provided by you, the voters and taxpayers.

April 2022 Ballot Initiatives

To learn about the Educational Programs and Operations Levy, the Capital (Technology & Construction) Levy, and the Transportation (School Bus) Levy on the April 26, 2022 ballot, visit our Levies 2022 page.

Issaquah School District Levies April 2022

Why are voters asked to approve levies every two to four years?

By law, operations levies can only be proposed for a period of four years or less. Typically, school districts propose levies of two, three, or four years. After the allotted number of years, the levy expires. Voters must approve a renewal of funding, or local financial support for schools ends. Generally, the levy you are voting on simply replaces one that is about to expire.