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Levy Issues - February 2020

Local Dollars Support Local Kids Banner

Thank you for renewing our
Educational Programs and Operations Levy!

The levy passed with 63.6% of voters approving the measure. Your support for ISD schools ensures local kids will continue to receive a high quality education in a safe learning environment. Click here to see the Certificate of Election from the King County Department of Elections.

February 2020 Renewal / Replacement Levy – Local Support for Our Kids!

Levies are the only locally approved ballot measures that directly pay for classroom and educational needs in our schools that the state does not fund.

This February 11, 2020, voters will have a chance to continue supporting the great programs and services funded by the previous levy which is set to expire in 2020.

In 2018, the Issaquah School District voters approved a two year Educational Programs and Operations (EP&O) Levy. This levy funded new programs, including the District’s first dual language program and an expanded high school schedule! It also provided continued support for career and technical education, mental health counselors, professional development for teachers, safety, and security staff. With voter approval of the 2020 EP&O Levy, voters can ensure these programs continue benefiting our students for another two years.

The District is asking voters to authorize funding in the amount of $49.85 Million in 2021 and $54 Million in 2022. This is about 6.7 Million less than the District is legally authorized to collect. This amount of funding will allow the District to maintain its current programs while remaining fiscally responsible and sensitive to the overall tax rate. Because the District is retiring previous bond debt and has conservatively planned for replacement measures, the overall estimated combined local school tax rate will go down from $3.46 to $3.25 per $1,000 of assessed property value in the first year and $3.30 in the second.

The 2020 EP&O Renewal Levy Continues Support For:

  • Career and Technical Education

  • Mental Health Counselors

  • Early Childhood Learning and Preschool Opportunities

  • Special Education

  • Professional Development for Teachers

  • Safety and Security

  • Dual Language and Highly Capable Programs

  • Extracurricular Activities and Athletics

  • The new expanded High School Schedules at IHS and Skyline

ISD Estimated Total Local School Tax Rate Graph, 2020 $3.45, 2021 $3.25, $3.30
Local Levy Funded Stamp
Issaquah School District 411


Items Funded

Student Support and Safety

  • Mental Health Counselors
  • Nurses
  • School Resources Officers
  • Positive Behavior Coaches
  • Security Staff


Academic Programs and Classroom Supports

  • Certificated and Classified Staff for Special Education, Highly Capable, and English Language Learner programs
  • Expanded High school Schedules - IHS and Skyline
  • Family Partnership/Equity
  • Paraeducators
  • Professional Development for Teachers
  • Substitute Teachers
  • New Teacher Mentoring 
  • Gibson Ek (Competency Based HS)
  • Special Education
  • Elementary Dual Language program
  • Career and Technical Education/STEM
  • Early Childhood Learning
  • Curriculum Materials and Training
  • Reduced class sizes
  • Academic Guidance Counselors
  • Secondary Summer School
  • Pre-K Summer School


Activities, Athletics and Enrichment

  • All Extracurricular Activities
  • Coaches and Advisors
  • Athletic Directors
  • Sports



  • Transportation
  • Substitute Classified Staff
  • Substitute Teachers
  • Cost of State Mandated Health Benefits
  • 5 Additional Teacher Workdays Beyond What the State Funds
  • Maintenance Staff
  • Custodians
  • Sick Leave
  • Additional Teacher Responsibility Outside Basic Education


Levy Amounts
Per Year

2021: $49.85M - 2022 $54M ($103.85M total over two years)

Background Information and Levy Development Committee Work

Visit the February 2020 Levy Development Committee webpages for information about the levy development process including committee meeting agendas, minutes, and materials.

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