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Frequently Asked Questions

The Issaquah School District has three ballot measures on the April 2022 ballot: Two propositions that would replace expiring levies -- the Educational Programs and Operations (EP&O) and the Technology and Capital Projects Levy -- and a third proposition, the Transportation (School Bus) Levy. Below are answers to some common questions. Additional information can be found on the Levy 2022 webpage.

General Questions

Prop. 1: Educational Programs & Operations Levy (EP&O)

We want to ensure all our students have equal access to student services, academic programs, and support services to be successful in today's global environment.

  • The Educational Programs and Operations levy funds program and operations needs not funded by the state or federal government. It fills the gaps between what is considered "basic education" and the current educational programs and services offered in the Issaquah School District.
  • The levy must be renewed regularly by the ISD community.
  • The April 26, 2022 levy replaces the expiring levy.

Read more about the EP&O Levy here.

Prop. 2: Capital (Technology and Construction) Levy

The Capital replacement levy includes maintain technology as well as funding for building updates. These are projects that are essential to maintaining safety in ISD buildings (HVAC, roof repairs, etc.), and to complete construction of high school #4.

Read more about the Capital Levy here.

Prop. 3: Transportation (School Bus) Levy

When combined with state reimbursement dollars, the one-year School Bus Levy will allow the district to purchase 64 buses in 2023-2026. This allows us to stay aligned with state standards and the district’s bus depreciation schedule. 

Election - Bond Focus Announcement

Special Election results posted Friday by King County Elections show all three of our proposed levy measures passing with more than the required 50% plus one vote. Slightly more than 23,000 ballots have been counted, the elections department reports. The results are scheduled to be certified on May 6. 

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The Issaquah City Council voted unanimously last week to approve proposals for the district’s High School 4 and Elementary School 17 on the Providence Heights property. This approval allows the district to move forward with the project, which will provide more space for students at each of the district’s overpopulated comprehensive high schools.

  • Capital Projects
  • Elementary School #17
  • High School #4
  • Levy
Election - Levy Focus Announcement

Just one week until Election Day. The three proposed funding measures would fill the gap between what state funds supply and the actual cost of needed student services and programs. To learn more about the Renewal Educational Programs & Operations Levy, which provides 15.6% of the district’s operating revenue, visit our website. Details about the Renewal Capital (Technology & Construction) Levy, and the Transportation (School Bus) Levy are also online.

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Election - Levy Focus Announcement

Keep your eyes out for the Levy Edition of the “FOCUS” print newsletter, which will arrive in mailboxes throughout the district this week. The newsletter is full of information about the three levy measures on the April 26 Special Election ballot: Prop 1, a Renewal Educational Programs & Operations (EP&O) Levy; Prop. 2, a Renewal Capital (Technology & Construction) Levy; and Prop. 3, a Transportation (School Bus) Levy. King County Elections will mail ballots on Wednesday, April 6. 

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Election - Levy Focus Announcement

The Renewal Educational Programs & Operations (EP&O) Levy represents 15.6% of the district's revenue, and continues funding for student services, academic programs and support services. Funds from the EP&O Levy support positions and programs in nursing, mental health counseling and Special Education.

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