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Prop. 2: Renewal Capital (Technology and Construction) Levy 

Capital Levy - Technology and Construction Banner

Renewal of Existing School Technology and Construction Projects Levy

The Capital replacement levy includes funding to maintain current technology services, as well as funding for building updates. These are projects that are essential to maintaining safety in ISD buildings (HVAC, roof repairs, etc.), and to complete construction of high school #4.

Student and Classroom Technology

pie graph showing 15% in a blue sliver

85% of the Capital Levy technology funds maintain current technology services

15% provides critical enhancements

Maintaining our buildings, ensuring room to learn

$53.8 million

reserved for construction needs, such as:

  • Safety repairs (HVAC updates, roof repairs, etc.)
  • Security updates (additional cameras, card readers, door hardware, etc.)
  • High School #4

Estimated Tax Rate

Year Levy Tax Rate*
2023 $31,472,000 $0.73
2024 $35,957,000 $0.81
2025 $36,561,000 $0.78
2026 $37,320,000 $0.75

*The tax rate is reflective of the cost per $1000 of assessed property value.

Student and Classroom Technology:

  • The majority of the Capital Levy funding is to ensure our students have the technology they need in and out of the classroom.
    • Each student will have guaranteed and reliable access to standard equipment in the classroom for all students.
  • Funding ensures all schools and classrooms have equitably updated technology, including, but not limited to:
    • Designated laptop device for students grades 3-12
      • Small group access to laptops for kindergarten - 2nd grade
    • Special Education Adaptive Technology
    • Hot-spots for low-income students
    • Classroom mobile devices, such as tablets
    • Laptop carts
    • Library hardware
    • Career and Technical Education (CTE) hardware
    • Designated Technology Specialist at each school
    • Districtwide software subscriptions

Maintaining Our Buildings:

  • Completing critical repairs to our schools, such as HVAC and roof repairs, with a focus on safety, as part of a regular maintenance schedule. 

ensuring Students Have Room to Learn:

  • The Capital Levy would help the district finalize building a new high school to reduce overcrowding in our growing district.
  • While overall enrollment dipped during the COVID-19 pandemic, enrollment is now higher than pre-pandemic levels in grades 9-12. Our district is still addressing the past decade’s growth, and due to this, our high schools continue to be over capacity.
    • Issaquah High School is the third-largest high school in Washington state.
    • Skyline High School is the 11th-largest high school in Washington state.
  • We are so proud of the work to open three new schools and complete other efforts with the funding from the 2016 bond. Check out some of our major projects below:
  • Costs for High School #4 have increased due to:
    • Changes to city and neighborhood requirements, including additional green space between school site and neighboring properties
    • Increase in overall construction costs
    • Unforeseen costs due to global pandemic