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Prop. 3: Transportation (School Bus) Levy

Transportation Levy Banner

School Bus Levy for safety and growing transportation needs

The one-year School Bus Levy will allow the district to purchase 64 buses in 2023-2026, which allows us to stay aligned with state standards and the district’s bus depreciation schedule. 

By combining the $3 million School Bus Levy with the estimated $6.25 million in state reimbursement monies and use of transportation fund reserves, the district will be able to execute the purchasing plan detailed below.

The district is actively applying for grant opportunities to be matched with local funds for the piloting of electric buses. Did you know that the cost of an electric bus can be over twice that of a traditional fuel bus and requires additional infrastructure for charging? Local funds paired with grant funds can help us move toward a more sustainable future. 

Year Large Buses Small Buses Est. Annual Cost
2023 10 9 $2,600,000
2024 13 12 $3,600,000
2025 4 5 $1,300,000
2026 6 5 $1,750,000
TOTAL 33 31 $9,250,000

Estimated Tax Rate

Year Levy Tax Rate*
2023 $3,000,000 $0.07

*The tax rate is reflective of the cost per $1,000 of assessed property value.