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Dear Teachers ... (Our Gratitude this Teacher Appreciation Week!)

Kindergarten teachers from Maple Hills Elementary dressed in butterfly costumes

Dear Teachers,

Thank you for all the work you do that we see – and all the work you do that we don’t see. Thank you for planning, for teaching lessons, and for helping our students grow and learn every day. Thank you for listening to students, for building their confidence and for inspiring them. Thank you for continuing your own learning, for the benefit of our students, your fellow staff and our community. Thank you for tying shoes, giving compliments and being a friend. Thank you for meeting students where they are but for also challenging them as individuals who are capable of achieving incredible things!

With gratitude,
The ISD Community

[It’s Teacher Appreciation Week -- please reach out and thank a teacher or two who you appreciate!]

P.E. Teachers from Cougar Mountain Middle School
The second grade teaching team from Challenger Elementary School in 2022-23.


Skyline High School students participate in a lab in IB biology.