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School Bus Safety Week: Thank You, Transportation!

Members of the Transportation Department at a summer meeting in 2023

It’s National School Bus Safety Week! As you may know, our excellent Transportation Department includes not only our drivers, but also our mechanic team, routing team, office staff, trainers, dispatchers, specialists, technicians, supervisors and other staff members – all of whom help contribute to the safe travels of our students to and from school, field trips, activities sports events and other locations.

During the 2022-23 school, nine of our vehicle maintenance technicians completed more than 2,300 work orders for:

  • 70 school buses, which were driven 1,419,935 miles.
  • 1 other district vehicles, which were driven 320,884 miles.
  • 26 trailers.

The Transportation Department’s vehicle safety inspections by the State Patrol showed results of:

  • Winter: 100% compliance with state safety standards.
  • Summer: 1 bus out of service, for 99.6% compliance with state safety standards.

Stay tuned this week as we continue to highlight these critical members of our staff. Thank you, Transportation Team, for your dedication and hard work!




A bus driver smiles after delivering students safely to summer school at Apollo Elementary.