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Share Your Thoughts About District Vision Statement by March 15

Graphic shows School Board President Sydne Mullings, Superintendent Heather Tow-Yick and the words "Community Update"

We have been developing a three-year strategic plan for the Issaquah School District, using prior and ongoing community feedback and involvement. Anchoring our strategic plan with a vision statement will help frame our work as we move forward. 

In this Community Update video, Superintendent Heather Tow-Yick and School Board President Sydne Mullings share why a vision is important for the school district, and how it ties in with the existing mission and goals (Ends for students). They invite students, staff, families and community members to participate in a ThoughtExchange sharing ideas for the district vision. Transcripts of the video in Chinese, English, Korean and Spanish are available on our website.

The Board of Directors and members of district leadership started on the vision statement, but we need you to weigh in on whether it’s complete or if additional words should be added at the end. Please share your ideas in the Vision Statement Thought Exchange, which will be open from March 2-15. 

Here's our current draft: "Issaquah School District students thrive as they engage in meaningful learning that unlocks their passion and potential ..."  

If you have not participated in a ThoughtExchange before, here's a quick explanation of the process:

  • Click on the link to the ThoughtExchange
  • If you would like to participate in a language other than English, use the dropdown menu to select that language.
  • Read the introduction (which we have also included above).
  • Respond to the question.
  • Then, before the ThoughtExchange closes, please return a few days later using the same link, and spend a few minutes "rating" the thoughts of others. Submit new ideas at that time as well, if anyone else's thoughts spur new ideas for you.
  • After the ThoughtExchange closes, the software identifies the most popular thoughts, themes and other helpful data.
  • Participation is anonymous. 

Read more about our strategic planning process.