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Thank you, School Lunch Hero Teams!

SHES Kitchen Manager Donna

At Briarwood Elementary, Tiffany Comolli’s fourth grade students celebrated School Lunch Hero Day on Friday, May 3, by writing notes of thanks to their school Food Service team.

To amplify some of their words of thanks, we’re sharing them here:

  • “Thank you for putting so much time and effort!” Mina wrote.
  • “Your lunch is delicious!” another student declared on their note.
  • “Thank you for being a lunch hero!” wrote Penny, who drew a picture of chicken nuggets.
Above, Briarwood Elementary teacher Tiffany Comolli’s class thanks the Food Service team at Briarwood.

Above, Briarwood Elementary teacher Tiffany Comolli’s class thanks the Food Service team at Briarwood.


School Lunch Hero Day is celebrated in early May each year, and is organized nationally by the School Nutrition Association.

Thank you, Food Service teams, for serving up love and care for our students each day, along with nutritious meals!

Members of the Cascade Ridge Elementary Food Service team

Cascade Ridge paraprofessional Sue Ducharme said of the CRES Food Service team Yoko Anderson & Christina Tulowitzki: “We couldn’t do it without Christina and Yoko in our kitchen.  The food they provide always looks so appetizing and they serve the kids with smiles on their faces every day!” 

Members of the Challenger Elementary Food Services team

Challenger Elementary Principal Jennifer Kessler says, “Our cafeteria crew goes above and beyond to make sure our students are eating healthy meals each day.  They get here early in the morning to start their day and our students really eat up all their hard work!”


Members of the Clark Elementary Food Services team

Clark Elementary Office Professional Annette Aratani said “Our amazing lunch ladies are always smiling and helpful to staff and kids. We don’t know what we would do without them!”


Members of the Cougar Ridge Elementary Food Services team

Cougar Ridge Food Service team members Gaby Islas and Jeannie Celestine.


Members of the Cougar Mountain Middle School Food Services team

Cougar Mountain Food Service team from left to right: Ligia Da Silva, Belle Bascao, Laura Rickard, Hilary Mina.


Members of the Creekside Elementary Food Services team

The Creekside Elementary Food Service team prepares to serve lunch to the Otters earlier this week.


Members of the Issaquah High School Food Services team

Issaquah High School Assistant Principal Andrew Guss said “Nel and our whole Food Service team have done a fantastic job efficiently running a massive food program at IHS! The lines may be long, but the wait is short and the process is smooth. Nel, our Kitchen Manager at IHS, has been a strong partner with administration, as she's always comfortable to come by and ask questions regarding programming, schedule changes, and anticipated attendance numbers. IHS is lucky to have her!”


Members of the Pine Lake Middle School Food Services team

Pine Lake Middle School Food Service team from left to right: Paul Buse-Bing, Darina Singer, Min-Hua Lin and Young Kim.

Members of the Sunny Hills Elementary Food Services team

Sunny Hills Kitchen Manager Donna Magnuson has served lunch to Sunny Hills students for more than 25 years!