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Three Levy Measures Passing in Initial Results

Graphic shows ISD students. Text reads: "Thank you, voters!"

Thank you, ISD voters! Initial results shared by King County Elections show all three of our proposed levy measures appear to be headed for voter approval. With 19,333 votes counted so far, each of the three levy measures is currently passing with more than the required 50% plus one vote. 
Today’s initial returns show: 
Prop. 1, Renewal Educational Programs & Operations Levy, passing at 53.08% yes. 

Prop. 2, Renewal Capital (Technology & Construction) Levy, passing at 50.22% yes. 

Prop. 3, Transportation (School Bus) Levy, passing at 60.79% yes.  

“We’re so grateful to our community for their support and partnership,” Issaquah School Board President Anne Moore said. “Until the time when state and federal dollars fully fund education for our students, local levies will continue to be critical to operating our school district and providing all of the academic programs and support services that our students need and deserve. Even with these local levy dollars, our district faces some significant budget challenges. Our board will work together with staff to continue to provide the best education and support possible for each of our students.” 
To read more about what local levy dollars help pay for, visit our 2022 Levies page.