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Tuesday Update Shows Increased 'Yes' Margin for All 3 Levies

Graphic shows EP&O Levy receiving 54.49% yes vote; capital levy 51.57% yes; School Bus Levy 62.19% yes

Today's updated Special Election results from King County Elections continue to show all three of our proposed levy measures currently passing with more than the required 50% plus one vote.

The updated returns include:

🔹 Prop. 1, Renewal Educational Programs & Operations Levy, passing at 54.49% yes.

🔹 Prop. 2, Renewal Capital (Technology & Construction) Levy, passing at 51.57% yes.

🔹 Prop. 3, Transportation (School Bus) Levy, passing at 62.19% yes.

To read more about what local levy dollars help pay for, visit King County Elections will update the results again by 4 p.m. on Thursday.