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2021 - Library Media Centers

Library/media centers will be used to support the attainment of the state’s learning goals. Each center shall be provided with a collection of print and non-print materials, electronic information, instructional equipment and other learning resource materials to promote a positive impact on student learning. These resources will support the District’s school improvement plan and student mastery of the essential academic learning requirements in all subject areas.

Library media staff shall collaborate as instructional partners and informational specialist with teachers to develop student’s information and technology skills. Staff shall assist students in meeting content goals in all subject areas and assist high school students with graduation requirements, specifically the culminating project and the high school and beyond plans. Library/media staff will assist students and teachers by providing access to materials and securing information from other sources.

The superintendent shall establish procedures for the selection of materials. Citizens who wish to express a concern about specific material included in the collection may do so according to the procedures outlined in 2020P.



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Management Resources:

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