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2022 - Electronic Resources

The District recognizes that an effective public education system develops students who are globally aware, civically engaged, and capable of managing their lives and careers. The board also believes that students need to be proficient users of information, media, and technology to succeed in a digital world.

Therefore, the District will use electronic resources as a powerful and compelling means for students to learn core subjects and applied skills in relevant and rigorous ways. It is the District’s goal to provide students with rich and ample opportunities to use technology for important purposes in schools just as individuals in workplaces and other real-life settings. The District’s technology will enable educators and students to communicate, learn, share, collaborate and create, to think and solve problems, to manage their work, and to take ownership of their lives.

In the interest of student safety in the online world, all District schools will provide yearly education for all students in appropriate online behavior on social networking sites, blogs, forums, wikis, chat rooms, and other online venues. In addition each school will educate students on being aware of cyberbullying awareness and how to respond to it.

The Superintendent or designee will create strong electronic educational systems that support innovative teaching and learning, to provide appropriate staff development opportunities and to develop procedures to support this policy.