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2022F1 - K-5 Responsible Use Agreement

Responsible Use Agreement for students in Kindergarten through 5th grade

A: Safety is Important!

This is how we stay safe when we use technology like computers, tablets, or phones:

  • I will ask a teacher or a trusted adult if I want to use technology.
  • I will only use activities that a teacher or trusted adult has told or allowed me to use.
  • I will take care of the technology.
  • I will ask for help from a teacher or a trusted adult if I am not sure what to do or if I think I have done something wrong.
  • I will tell a teacher or trusted adult if I see something that upsets me on the screen or while using technology.
  • I know that if I break the rules I might not be allowed to use technology.

B: Good Examples of Safe and Responsible Behavior!

When I use technology, I communicate respectfully by thinking and checking that what I write or post is polite and respectful.

This means I:

  • Never send mean or bullying messages or pass them on, as this makes me part of the mean behavior or bullying.
  • Don't use actions online to be mean to others (This can include leaving someone out to make them feel bad).
  • Don't copy someone else's work or ideas from the internet and present them as my own (I will include the website link).

When I use technology, I protect personal information by being aware that my full name, photo, birthday, address, and phone number is personal information and not to be shared online.

This means I:

  • Protect my friends' information in the same way.
  • Protect my password and I don't share it with others.
  • Don't join a space or group online without my parent's or teacher's guidance and permission.
  • Never answer questions online that ask for my personal information.

When I use technology I look after myself and others by thinking about what I share.

This means I:

  • Never share my friends' full names, birthdays, school names, addresses and phone numbers because this is their personal information.
  • Speak to a trusted adult if I see something that makes me feel upset or if I need help.
  • Speak to a trusted adult if someone is unkind to me or another person.
  • Speak to a trusted adult if I know someone else is upset or scared.
  • Stop to think about what I post or share online.
  • Use spaces or sites that are right for my age.
  • Don't deliberately search for something rude or violent.
  • Either turn off the screen or use the back button if I see something I don't like and then tell a trusted adult.
  • Am careful with the equipment I use.

Parent acknowledgement:

Parent acknowledgment is confirmed each year during Registration and/or Enrollment Verification. The acknowledgment reads: 

I understand that the school will take precautions, including using automated software monitoring and filtering systems, to support that my child will be safe when they use the school internet access and school digital technologies. If the automated software monitoring identifies a possible safety concern, the school staff will review the content and may contact home. I also understand that the school cannot ultimately be held responsible for the nature and content of materials accessed on the internet and mobile digital technologies my child has been provided outside of school.

I understand that the school will contact me if they have concerns about any possible breaches of the Responsible Use Policy.

I will encourage my child to adopt safe use of the internet and digital technologies at home and will inform the school if I have concerns over my child's e-safety.

Regulation 2022
Adopted: 06/2009
Last Revised: 07/2023