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2026 - Social Media

Users should consider how their online behavior may affect their own safety and reputation and that of the District. Communication between students and adults, by whatever method, should take place within clear and explicit boundaries (See 5253 – Maintaining Professional Boundaries). This includes the wider use of technology such as mobile phones, text messaging, social networks, e-mails, digital cameras, videos, web-cams, websites and blogs. When using digital communications, staff and volunteers shall only make contact with students for professional reasons and in accordance with District Regulations 2022, Responsible Use Guidelines, and 5253.

Users must be aware that violations of this Regulation and or the Responsible Use Guidelines, accompanying administrative Regulation(s) cross referenced below, or other regulations, rules or procedures, or statutes, laws or unlawful use of social media systems and information, may result in loss of access and a variety of other corrective action and or student or staff disciplinary actions, breach of contract, penalties provided in statutes, regulations, and other laws and/or legal proceedings on a case-by-case basis. This Regulation incorporates all other relevant District Regulations, such as, but not limited to, the student and professional employee discipline Regulations, Responsible Use Guidelines, copyright, property, curriculum, terroristic threat, vendor access, harassment, and nondiscrimination Regulations.  



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