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2090 - Testing Programs

The District will establish a variety of educational measurement and assessment processes to:

  1. Provide data for consideration in curriculum planning;
  2. Assess the progress of individual students;
  3. Diagnose the needs of individual students who are in need of specialized programs; and
  4. Evaluate adequacy of programs in meeting state and federal requirements.

The District shall provide for the administration of tests at appropriate grade levels. No tests or measurement devices containing any questions about a student's or his/her family's personal beliefs and practices in family life, morality, or religion shall be administered unless the parent or guardian gives written permission.

Parents who wish to examine any test materials may do so by contacting the principal. Parent approval is necessary before administering an individual intelligence test or a diagnostic personality test.



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Legal References:

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  • WAC 392-500-030 Pupil tests and records—certain tests, questionnaires, etc.
  • WAC 392-500-035 Pupil tests and records—diagnostic personality tests—parental permission required