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2131 - Educational Research and Experimentation

Educational research and experimentation in methodology, materials and/or administrative procedures is important and necessary to the improvement of a school program. Certain guidelines are necessary, however, so that experimentation will result in reasonably valid results.

  1. A written request to conduct research and experimentation utilizing students, student records, teachers, principals and/or materials must be presented to an assistant superintendent and should include:
    1. purpose(s) of study;
    2. need for the study;
    3. review of related research;
    4. procedures to be employed;
    5. method and dates of evaluating and reporting progress;
    6. length of time of project;
    7. estimate of costs; and
    8. anticipated use of district personnel.
  2. The Superintendent or designee will approve, facilitate and monitor research and experimentation projects.
  3. An Executive Director will respond in writing to all requests to conduct educational research and experimentation. In cases where approval is given, this response shall include statements regarding specifically what cost will be assumed by the district and which students, staff, records, and/or materials are being approved for use.
  4. Final results of educational research and experimentation should be based on data obtained and reported in a scholarly manner. A copy of results is to be forwarded to an Executive Director.



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