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2150 - Extra-Curricular Program

The District recognizes that the goals and objectives of the district, as described in the Ends, can best be achieved by providing a broad offering of purposeful learning experiences, some of which are more appropriately conducted outside of the curriculum of the district. These extra-curricular experiences include those activities which are consistent with the district objectives but are not offered for credit toward graduation. Such activities ordinarily are conducted wholly or partly outside the regular school day.

The District will not exclude any person from participation in the extra-curricular program, deny any person the benefits of such a program or otherwise discriminate against any person in any extra-curricular program on the basis of the categories identified in the district’s Nondiscrimination policy. 

Such activities shall satisfy the following criteria:

  1. The participating students will be currently enrolled in school and have the entry-level knowledge, skills, and or interest to successfully participate in the activity.
  2. The group shall be supervised by a qualified staff member, cleared volunteer, or otherwise employed individual of the District.
  3. The cost of the activity must not be prohibitive to the student or the district.
  4. The activity must comply with Title IX requirements.
  5. All activity must take place on school premises unless approved in advance by the school principal; and
  6. The activity must not be secretive in nature.

A survey will be conducted at least once every three (3) years to assure that the extra-curricular program accurately responds to the needs and desires of both male and female students.



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