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2165P - Home or Hospital Instruction Procedure

A. Request

The procedures for instituting home/hospital instruction are as follows:

  1. Parent completes application form (2165 F1) for home/hospital instruction.
  2. The District office and family physician complete the SPI E‑310 form (2165 F2).
  3. Home/hospital instruction shall begin when the District receives the completed Home/Hospital forms (2165 F1 and 2165F2).

B. Program Requirements

  1. Instruction is for up to 2 hours per week.
  2. Tutoring may be intermittent, but the total weeks of tutoring may not exceed 18 weeks.
  3. If a student returns to school, including on a partial schedule, home instruction services to the student will cease.
  4. H/H tutoring in not provided during school vacations unless the student is enrolled in a District summer school program.
  5. H/H tutoring may not begin if less than 4 weeks remain in the school year.
  6. H/H instruction is for a student unable to attend school due to physical and/or mental disability or illness. It may not be used to tutor a student who is staying at home with an infant or sick relative.

C. Role of Instructor

The instructor shall:

  1. Contact parents and arrange home/hospital instruction schedule.
  2. Discuss with the parent any conditions surrounding the student's disability or educational development which may have a bearing on the program.
  3. Discuss the need for a supervising adult to be in the home during the teacher's visit.
  4. Discuss the need for an appropriate learning environment.
    1. Other youngsters and/or adults should remain out of the room while the lesson is in progress.
    2. The student should be awake, properly dressed and ready for lessons at the appropriate time.
    3. Adequate study time should be scheduled each day, taking into account the physical limitations of the student.
  5. Evaluate the students' work and make a report to the student's home school.

D. Termination

Instruction will be terminated when the student returns to school or when 18 weeks of tutoring has occurred.

E. Procedures for Initiating Home/Hospital Instruction

The District Home/Hospital coordinator will:

  1. Contact the building to notify them that the student will be receiving H/H instruction.
  2. Contact a tutor to provide services.

The function of the home/hospital instructor is to provide instructional assistance and serve as a liaison between the student and the school in the following manner:

  1. Elementary (emphasizes reading, math and language skills)
    1. Contact classroom teacher initially and on a weekly basis.
    2. Obtain current academic standing.
    3. Obtain books, materials and assignments from the homeroom teacher.
    4. Keep parents/guardians informed as to the progress of the student.
    5. Provide information to the student's home school regarding the progress made by the student while on home/ hospital instruction. Grading shall be the responsibility of the classroom teacher.
  2. Middle/Senior High (receives instruction in required subjects)
    1. Contact school counselor and have counselor set up initial meeting with home/hospital instructor and classroom teacher(s) if needed.
    2. Obtain current academic standing.
    3. Arrange with the school counselor weekly pick-up of books, materials and assignments; also include a class schedule, class outlines, etc., of what the student needs to fulfill credit requirements for quarter, semester and year.
    4. Provide information to the student's home school regarding the progress made by the student while on home/ hospital instruction. Grading shall be the responsibility of the classroom teacher.

If the student is unable to complete regular classroom assignments, the home/ hospital instructor will work with the regular classroom teacher to modify or develop alternative classroom assignments to meet required course work.

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