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2331P - Controversial Issues (Guest Speakers) Procedure

The following procedures shall be in effect for Guest Speakers:

  1. The certificated employee responsible for the instructional environment will review District Regulation 4320, 4320P, and 4320F2.
  2. All guest speakers are to be invited with the knowledge and approval of the principal or designee.
  3. Staff members interested in having a guest speaker must complete the Guest Speaker(s) Request form and submit the completed form to the principal or designee at least seven (7) calendar days prior to the guest speaker’s intended appearance.
    This seven (7) calendar day prior notice can only be reduced by principal or designee discretion if availability or condition for arranging for the guest speakers prohibits notification seven (7) calendar days prior to the intended appearance.
  4. All Guest speaker forms should be kept in the building for at least one (1) calendar year.
  5. The principal or designee shall report any Guest speakers who violate any District Regulations or procedure or general class room decorum to the Executive Director of Human Resources or designee.



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