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3000 - Students-Introduction

According to state law, each eligible student shall have the right to a free education. The District shall pro­vide appropriate learning opportunities for all students within the resources available. In addition to a basic instructional program, those opportunities include a wide-range of student activities to stimulate the athletic, artistic, intellectual and creative skills of students.

In exchange for these opportunities both students and their parents assume sub­stantial responsibilities. So as to preserve a school environment that promotes learning and is orderly and safe, students must pursue the required program of studies and must abide by the reasonable rules and instructions of teachers and school officials. Progressive corrective action will be fairly and moderately meted out primarily to modify behavior rather than to punish students. Parents are encouraged to inquire about the successes and problems of their children and to reinforce their learnings at home by showing an active interest in students' development.

The superintendent shall develop written rules which state with reasonable clarity the types of misconduct for which discipline, suspension and expulsion may be imposed. These rules will be published yearly in the student and/or student/parent handbooks of each school. Handbooks will be available at any time from the school office upon request. Rules that establish types of misconduct shall have a real and substantial relationship to the lawful maintenance and operation of the District including, but not limited to, the preservation of an educational process which is conducive to learning.

Parents and educators are partners in the education of a child. To that end both must strive to provide for the physical, mental, emotional and social well being of all students.



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