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3114P - Part-Time, Home-Based, or Off-Campus Students Procedure

A part-time student is a student who is enrolled in the Issaquah School District for any amount of time less than a 1.0 FTE. This includes students who are receiving home-based instruction, students who are enrolled in an approved private school, students involved in an approved work training program or contract-based ALE students.

A. Home-based students

  1. Distribute letter of intent and District-developed supplementary application to interested parents upon request.
  2. If an off-campus program agreement is not established, clarify the parent's responsibility in providing home-based instruction including instructional time, subject matter, testing and student records.
  3. Advise the parent of their rights to enroll a student for part-time instruction and/or to receive ancillary services.

B. Private school students 

  1. Private school students who are eligible for full-time enrollment in the Issaquah School District are permitted to enroll and receive ancillary and/or IEP services if such courses or services are not available in the student’s private school. 

C. Off campus

Part-time off campus students include, but are not limited to, those in an approved work training program or contract-based ALE students.

Alternative Learning Experience (ALE)

  1. Meet with parent to review supplementary application and determine if parent wishes to enter into off-campus program agreement with the school District.
  2. If the parents wish to enroll the child for off-campus instruction (WAC 392-121-181), the parties will develop an agreement for each subject which provides for:
    1. The objective(s) of the program;
    2. The teaching component(s) of the program, including where and when teaching activities will be conducted by school District certificated staff;
    3. The duration of the program, including starting and ending dates within the school year;
    4. A description of how student performance will be supervised, evaluated, and recorded by the certificated staff or by qualified school District employees under the direct supervision of the certificated staff; and
    5. A description of intervention techniques and criteria for their use.
  3. The school will maintain proper documentation that includes the written plan, a log of contacts made with parent and student (verification by signature of parent), a log of meetings with a classroom teacher for the same grade level as the student.
  4. The school will assign a teacher to supervise the parent and student typical schedule: four (4) hours/month with parent and student; four (4) hours/month with staff.

All part-time students enrolled in the above noted activities will be claimed as "enrolled" for purposes of state financial support.



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