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3421 - Child Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation Prevention

Because child abuse and neglect are both a violation of children's human rights and an obstacle to their educational development, all District personnel shall be alert for any evidence of such abuse or neglect.

For purposes of this Regulation, child abuse or neglect shall mean the injury, sexual abuse, sexual exploitation or negligent treatment or maltreatment of a child or dependent adult by any person under circumstances which indicate that the child’s or dependent adult’s health, welfare, and safety is harmed or is placed in clear and present danger thereby.

Personnel need not verify that a child has in fact been abused or neglected. Any conditions or information that may reasonably be related to abuse or neglect should be reported. Legal authorities have the responsibility for investigating each case and taking action that is appropriate under the circumstances.

When feasible, the District will provide community education programs for prospective parents, foster parents and adoptive parents on parenting skills; on the problems of child abuse; and methods to avoid child abuse situations. The District shall also encourage staff members to participate in in-service programs that deal with child abuse issues.

All cases of child abuse or neglect must be reported by school personnel (classified and certificated staff) in accordance with RCW 26.44.040. The law frees staff members from liability for reporting, in good faith, instances of abuse or neglect and holds staff members criminally liable for failure to properly report. The superintendent shall develop reporting procedures, including sample indicators of abuse and neglect, and shall disseminate the procedures to all school personnel. The purpose is to identify and report as soon as reasonably possible to the proper authorities all evidence of child abuse or neglect.



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