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3423 - Parental Administration of Medical Marijuana for Medical Purposes

Students who meet the requirements of RCW 69.51A.220 are permitted to consume marijuana-infused products for medical purposes while on school grounds, on a school bus, or attending school-sponsored events, subject to the requirements set forth in this Regulation.

“Marijuana-infused products” are products that contain marijuana or marijuana extracts, are intended for human use, are derived from marijuana, and have a THC concentration no greater than ten percent. “Marijuana-infused products” does not include either useable marijuana or marijuana concentrates, as those terms are defined in RCW 69.50.101.

Prior to permitting the administration of medical marijuana-infused products, the District will require the student and parent/guardian to provide valid Washington recognition cards for medical marijuana to demonstrate compliance with RCW 69.51A.220. Marijuana-infused products may not be administered on school grounds, on a school bus or at a school-sponsored event unless these requirements and the requirements in this Regulation are satisfied. 

Parents/guardians must act as the designated provider for the student and assist the student with the consumption of the marijuana-infused product while on school grounds, on a school bus, or attending school-sponsored events.

Students are required to consume marijuana-infused products in the location designated by the student’s school. Any administration of marijuana-infused products must be consistent with the prescribing health care professional’s direction, which must state that the prescribed product meets the definition of “marijuana-infused product” above.

Administration of a marijuana-infused product by smoking or other methods involving inhalation while on school grounds, on a school bus, or attending a school-sponsored event is strictly prohibited.

The District will not store or administer marijuana-infused products for any purpose. District personnel will not provide, administer, or assist any student with the consumption of marijuana-infused products.

Parental Administration

The parent/guardian who is entered in the medical marijuana authorization database and holds a recognition card is the only person who may provide, administer, or assist the student with the consumption of the marijuana-infused product. Students may not self-carry or self-administer marijuana for medical purposes or for any other purpose.

Upon arriving at a student’s school to administer marijuana-infused products under this Regulation, the parent/guardian must report to the office. The parent/guardian and student will then be directed to the designated location for the administration of marijuana-infused products. 

After administering the marijuana-infused product to the student in accordance with this Regulation, the parent/guardian will remove any remaining marijuana-infused product from school or district grounds, school bus, or school-sponsored event.

Designated Locations for Administration

The superintendent will consult building principals to designate a location on school grounds where parents/guardians may administer marijuana-infused products to students, considering feasibility and the needs for privacy. The designated location will be selected so as to not create risk of disruption to the educational environment or exposure to other students. When a school-sponsored event occurs at another Washington public school, the location designated by that school will serve as the designated location. The designated location for a school-sponsored event that occurs in a place of public accommodation in Washington will be determined on a case-by-case basis. School-sponsored events that occur outside the state of Washington or on federal property are not subject to Washington law and therefore do not fall within the scope of this Regulation.

Limitation or Revocation of Permission

The District may limit or revoke permission for a parent/guardian of a qualifying student to administer marijuana-infused products for medical purposes if the parent/guardian or qualified student violates this Regulation or demonstrates an inability to follow this Regulation’s parameters responsibly.

This Regulation does not authorize an accommodation for medical marijuana in the place of employment or diminish the District’s ability to enforce its drug-free schools policy. Student possession, use, distribution, sale or being under the influence of marijuana inconsistent with this Regulation may be considered a violation of the District’s drug-free schools and may result in disciplinary action.



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