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3530P - Student Fund Raising Activities Procedure

Guidelines for student fund raising activities are as follows:

  1. Student participation must be voluntary.
  2. The fund raising activity must be such that it is not likely to create a poor public relations image.
  3. Fund raising activity efforts must not unduly interfere with the educational program.
  4. Fund raising activities conducted by associated student bodies or sub-groups thereof must conform to the District ASB accounting requirements. Expenditures of all ASB funds must be approved by the ASB.
  5. Fund raising activities conducted by outside groups (including parent groups) must not involve the official student body organizations and must not utilize District materials, supplies, facilities or staff unless reimbursement is made.
  6. When the ASB shares in the receipts derived from vending machine operations or from the sale of student pictures, such activities must be in compliance with District Regulation(s).
  7. Any outside group other than an official school-parent group must have central office approval before conducting fund raising activities within a school or schools.



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