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3540 - Student Fund Raising for Charitable Purposes

Student fund raising for charitable purposes is permissible when specifically pre-approved by the Building Principal. The charitable purpose must reflect school, District and community values. Funds raised by students for charitable purposes will be considered as “non-associated” student body private funds and will be subject to all District fundraising policies and procedures. These funds will be held in trust in one or more separate accounts within the District ASB or Expendable Trust Fund and will be disbursed for the purpose determined by the student group(s) conducting the fundraiser.

All expenses, including start up-costs, must be paid from the proceeds of the fundraiser. Charitable fundraising is a private activity and District funds or resources cannot be used to cover any fundraising expenses.

All individuals being asked to donate or participate in an event to raise money for charitable purposes must receive a written statement of the purpose of the fundraiser and the intended use of any proceeds. The notice will also state that the proceeds will be held in trust within the ASB or Expendable Trust Fund exclusively for the specified charitable purpose(s).

As provided by RCW 28A.325.030, charitable purpose does not include any activity related to assisting a campaign for election of a person to an office or for the promotion or opposition to any ballot proposition.

Funds shall be disbursed from the ASB/Trust Fund through the normal processes identified by District Regulation and the Finance Office for the distribution of money owed to vendors/organizations.

Prizes shall not be purchased using the proceeds of charitable fundraisers. In addition, rebates and commissions on charitable fundraisers are not allowable.



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  • RCW 28A.325.030 Associated Student Body Program Fund