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4130P - Title 1 Parent and Family Engagement Procedure

Federal Requirements

The superintendent or designee will ensure that the District’s Title I Parent and Family Engagement Regulation, plan and programs comply with the requirements of federal law.

A. The District will take the following actions to involve parents and families in the joint development of its District wide parent and family engagement plan:

  1. An annual meeting of parents and families of participating Title I students will be held to explain the goals and purposes of the Title I program. Teachers of Title I students prepare and deliver this information during an annual parent and family engagement activity to be determined by the school.
  2. Parents and families will be given the opportunity to participate in the development, operation and evaluation of the program. Annually, a team of Title I parents, teachers, and other school staff come together to write the Title I Building Plan, which outlines changes to program and the reasons for them. This plan is then shared with the building site council before being disseminated to all Title I parents and families.
  3. Parents and families will be encouraged to participate in planning activities, to offer suggestions, and to ask questions regarding policies and programs. Parent input is gathered through annual surveys, regularly scheduled parent information sessions, and through one-on-one communication between parents and teachers.

B. The District will take the following actions to involve parents in the process of school review and improvement:

  1. Parents and families will be given the opportunity to review the school improvement plan. Site council meetings, PTA presentations and print and media resources are all used to share the plan and accept feedback.
  2. Parents and families will be encouraged to participate in the building self-review.

C. The District will provide the following coordination, technical assistance, and other support to assist Title I, Part A schools in planning and implementing effective parent and family engagement activities:

  1. Identify barriers to greater participation by parents and families in parent and family activities;
  2. Use findings of the evaluation to design strategies for more effective parent and family; and
  3. Revise, when necessary, the District and school parent and family engagement policies.

D. The District will coordinate and integrate parent and family strategies with similar strategies under the following other programs, such as:

  1. Learning Assistance Program;
  2. English Language Learners;
  3. Special Education; and
  4. State-operated preschool programs.

The District will facilitate removing barriers to parent and family engagement by activities such as:

  1. Conducting joint parent and family meetings with other programs;
  2. Holding meetings at various times of the day and evening;
  3. Arranging for in home conferences; and
  4. Title I funds may be used to facilitate parent attendance at meetings by payment of transportation and child care costs.

E. The District will conduct, with the involvement of parents and families, an annual evaluation of the content and effectiveness of the parental involvement Regulation.

F. The District will build the schools’ and parent’s capacity for strong parental involvement through the following: 

  1. The school District will, with the assistance of its Title I, Part A schools, provide information to parents and families of children served by the school District or school, as appropriate, in understanding topics such as the following:
    1. The State’s academic learning requirements;
    2. The State and local academic assessments including alternate assessments;
    3. How to monitor their child’s progress; and
    4. How to work with educators.
  2. The school District will, with the assistance of its schools, provide materials and training to help parents and families work with their children to improve their children’s academic achievement, by:
    1. Giving guidance as to how parents can assist at home in the education of their child;
    2. Holding meetings at various times of the day and evening to provide parents;
    3. Providing opportunities for parents to formulate suggestions and to participate, as appropriate, in decisions relating to the education of their children;
    4. Submitting parent comments about the program to the District; and
    5. Providing parents with opportunities to meet with the classroom and Title I, Part A teachers to discuss their children’s progress.

G. School District personnel will work with teachers, principals and other staff, to reach out to communicate with, and engage parents and families as equal partners. The District will provide:

  1. An explanation of the reasons supporting their child’s selection for the program;
  2. A description and explanation of the school’s curriculum;
  3. Information in the academic assessment used to measure student progress; and
  4. Information on the proficiency levels students are expected to meet. Target proficiency levels on the F&P assessments are indicated on the Progress Report. Parents are given their child’s actual score to compare with the grade level expectation during the initial Title I screening and Parent Permission process, then at least twice more during the year at conference and report card periods.
  1. Distribute the Title I Family Involvement Regulation on an annual basis during the parent and family engagement event as part of the Title I overview.
  2. To the extent needed and practicable, distribute the Title I Parent and Family Engagement Regulation in multiple languages or formats.

School-Based Parent and Family Engagement Regulation

In addition to the District-wide Regulation on parent and family engagement, each school offering Title I, Part A services will have a separate school building parent and family engagement regulation.

The building-level Title I, Part A parent and family engagement Regulation will meet the following requirements:

  1. Each building in the District receiving Title I, Part A funds will jointly develop with and distribute to parents and families of students served in the program a written building-level Regulation, agreed upon by parents of Title I served students;
  2. The Regulation will outline how parents and families, school staff and students share responsibility for student achievement in meeting academic standards;
  3. Parents will be notified of the Regulation in an understandable and uniform format;
  4. To the extent practicable, the Regulation will be provided in a language the parents and families can understand; and
  5. The Regulation will be evaluated with parents annually.



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Legal References:

  • Section 116 of the Every Student Succeed Act (ESSA)