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4232 - Gifts to Staff and Memorials

A. Gifts

Students, parents, or others are discouraged from presenting gifts to staff. Instead, they are encouraged to express their commendation or gratitude in the form of letters to staff with copies to the superintendent. Employees must take precautions to avoid potential conflicts of interest, the appearance of conflicts of interest, or the appearance of inappropriate relationships when presented with any gifts related to their employment or their role as an employee. Employees will maintain proper professional standards by respectfully declining repeated gifts or monetary or material gifts of significant value. Employees shall contact the Executive Director of Finance and Support Services or Controller with questions prior to accepting a gift.

B. Memorials

The Issaquah School District appreciates that individuals or groups may wish to make contributions to the school District to establish memorials. All memorials are gifts to the District and must be accepted by the board of directors with the exception of scholarships that are maintained outside of the District.

Appropriate enduring memorials which may be individualized are scholarships, library/media materials, appropriate pictures, plants, and monetary gifts to specific programs or for specific building identified needs. Large, permanently constructed memorial areas shall be limited to one per site and shall be intended for generic use to honor others also, rather than be maintained for only a particular individual. Fund raising or dedication ceremonies will be conducted outside of the regular school day.

All District buildings will be named by the Board of Directors in accordance with Regulation 6970 and Regulation A.1.2.7. Specific portions of a building may be dedicated to individuals with approval of the Board of Directors.

Within the bounds of District policy, each individual District site may also develop a memorial policy that is specific to that location.



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