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4232P - Gifts to Staff and Memorials Procedure

  1. Parties desiring to establish a memorial will contact the building principal of the school that is to be the recipient of a memorial. A proposed plan shall accompany the request.
  2. The principal shall review the plans and discuss the proposal with the Executive Director of Elementary or Secondary Schools.
  3. The principal and the Executive Director shall make a recommendation to the superintendent.
  4. District administrators will observe the utmost sensitivity toward individuals wishing to work with the District to establish memorials. To the greatest extent possible information will be given in person, rather than through distribution of District materials without personal contact.
  5. Plans for the proposed memorial shall include the following:
    1. A general description of the project.
    2. A timeline for implementation, including the tasks to be performed and the parties responsible for performing the tasks.
    3. Financial information, including a total cost estimate, a statement of the source of the funds, and the name(s) of the party responsible for receiving and disbursing the funds.
  6. For a request for a memorial, other than a scholarship, accompanying plans and the recommendation of the superintendent will be submitted to the board of directors for acceptance as a gift.
  7. In the event the memorial gift is to be contributed to the District in general rather than to a particular site, the parties shall contact the superintendent directly with the plan as outlined above.
  8. In no case shall plans be implemented or funds disbursed prior to final acceptance by the board of directors.
  9. Upon acceptance by the board of directors, the memorial becomes the property of the District.



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